2 unlock is business support platform

Core of our platform is range of business support services which transform smart devices and IoT into public services.

We have integrated in our platform:

  • mobile application for user interaction

  • payment solutions (credit cards, paypal)

  • billing proceedures (time-based, event-based, recuring)

  • device management tools (add, edit, activate, disactivate) 

  • smart devices and IoT cloud and API integration

Our platform can support very wide range of public services with any IoT solution:

  • rental of smart devices (e.g. power banks)

  • access to the lockers and safes (e.g. courier delivery boxes)

  • access to parking lots

  • access to elctricity plugs (e.g. charge stations for bicycles or cars)


Portable WiFi router

Getting online during trips sometimes is a problem

With 2unlock this is not the case anymore

Now you can rent portable WiFi hotspot in just few steps


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