BetterFolders Cydia Tweak for Nested Folders on iOS Devices

BetterFolders Cool Features for Folders on iOS Gadgets: Cydia Tweak

It becomes so easy to arrange your iOS application folders with Cydia tweaks. Users whose iPhone or iPad is jailbroken can download BetterFolders tweak to get more functionality from their iDevice.

What options will you get after downloading and installing Cydia tweak BetterFolders? Do you really need these features on your iOS 7 device? Make sure you are jailbroken before you try to find the tool since it is available through Cydia app store. This store is present on iDevices that are jailbroken.
BetterFolders is created to help users arrange their folders on iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. The application works for all gadgets with Apple mobile firmware. It is available at no-cost which is great for people who don’t like to spend money on useful apps and tweaks.

Cydia Tweak - iOS Nested Folders

The app has wiggly mode that makes it simple to create folders inside folders known aka “nested folders” and it works like this. You just pick up the folder and drag it onto another one. Your second folder will appear in the first one. You can organize your Home screen with the help of this tweak, make it look neat and comfortable-to-use.

Cydia Tweak - Pinch to Zoom

Activate the application and you will be able to close iOS application folder by pinching-to-zoom gesture. How does it work? You pinch at your iPhone or iPad screen and the folder is closed. This option works for both App Store programs and third-party apps.

Cydia Tweak - 4 x 4 Apps on iPad

Tablet owners can have up to 16 apps on their single folder display. In other words, you can have 4 x 4 applications displayed in a folder. Such feature is available to both iPad mini and iPad users.

These are three options we wished to talk about. Maybe Apple will add them to its next iOS release. Till then you can simply jailbreak and install the free Cydia tweak to make your “fruit” device experience better.

The best way to unlock iPhone 5S locked Ental Chile

Now you can unlock your iPhone 5S locked Entel Chile for use with different carriers.
First of all you need to know - unlocking is the removal of SIM restrictions on the modem, allowing the use of the iPhone on any carrier.  

unlock entel chile iphone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S and 4

The best way to unlock it is using unlock service like or you can use other trusted web source for example find it here: The difference between a locked iPhone and an officially unlocked one relies on the addition of the device’s IMEI number to a database of officially unlocked iPhones. 

For example you have iPhone 5S locked Entel - this is cell operator Chile. So you need to unlock it for use iPhone 5S with other carrier - AT&T in USA. You need to submit your IMEI # through online service and pay some fees on it. 

Video how to unlock  iPhone 5S locked Ental Chile:

This unlocking service is for Entel Chile Network. All IMEIs supported (blacklisted, blocked, clean etc.) with following iPhone carrier results: Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Chile Entel PCS/Chile Entel PCS Country Unlocked

After this procedure your iPhone will be permanently unlocked!

iPhone Air Bigger Screen Concept by Federico Ciccarese

New Concept of iPhone Air by Federico Ciccarese

Designers love to imagine things and create their concepts of different popular products that don’t exist yet. After Apple has introduced its new iPad Air device, Federico Ciccarese has decided to show the world his idea of what iPhone Air could be like. This concept does impress and the smartphone gets a bigger screen and reminds of the iPad mini.

The designer shared the images of the iOS handset. Apple doesn’t like to borrow ideas from designers still it might do this one day in the future. We doubt that this concept will become a reality but it is worth checking out.

Designer’s imagination is implemented in what looks like a flatter iPad mini device that comes with rounded corners and edges. It has a 4-inch display. Do you like these pictures? Would you like to get a bigger iPhone or do you think that the current model is big enough to use with comfort?
We know that the Cupertino-based company is planning to present one or two iPhone models in 2014. According to rumors, one smartphone might feature a 4.7-inch screen and the other one might come with a 5.7-inch display which is even bigger. Such information was released by NPD DisplaySearch company and this is still just a prediction that hasn’t been confirmed or commented by Apple.

Will it be the iPhone maxi [or iPhone 6] how some analysts call it already? We don’t know but customers do like to see phablet-style devices in the market. With Apple following the demand, it might be actually introduced in the future how it happened with a colorful iPhone 5c model.
The latest two models released are iPhone 5S and 5c. They came into the market in September and are now becoming badly wished Christmas gifts ideas. Still people like to dream and get a glance in what future brings in a year from now. Let’s just follow the news and keep tuned to Christmas 2013 that is getting closer.

iPhone 5S Battery Bug Confirmed by Apple

iPhone 5S Battery Problems: How to Solve Battery Bug

Some iPhone 5S users suffer from one battery bug that has been admitted by Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant knows about the existing problem that causes faster battery drain on the latest smartphone device. According to Apple, this is a manufacturing problem.
iPhone 5S Battery Bug

As the company states, the problem has affected “a very limited number of iPhone 5S” gadgets and it results in reduced battery life or longer charging. The famous iPhone maker assures that it will replace each iPhone 5S with this problem. Do you also get a similar problem but can’t get a replacement? Is it possible to extend your iPhone battery life? Can you solve the bug on your own and stop its fast draining? We hope the following tricks can extend your battery life a little bit and it doesn’t matter whether you have a problematic iPhone 5S or other smartphone model running iOS 7 [iPhone 5 / 4S etc.].

Fix 1

It’s best to turn off push notifications as they require much power. Launch Settings and go to Notification Center. You can turn the feature off in Include Section – Toggling Speer.

Fix 2

Turn Siri off if you need your battery to last longer. Go to Settings and select Siri under General menu. Tab to “Turn off Raise to Speak” option.

Fix 3

If you are using iOS 7 firmware you are advised to turn off Automatic Updates for applications in the background. This service does drain your battery life and you can solve the problem by going to Updates – iTunes & App Store – Updates.

iPhone 5S Battery Bug

Fix 4

Disable 4G if you don’t use this type of connection by opening Settings – Cellular and selecting “Disable LTE/4G” option.

Fix 5

How often do you use multitasking feature? Do you always remember to turn off automatic background refresh for some tasks you don’t need? Launch Settings and choose General – Background App Refresh menu to disable programs that you don’t want to be refreshed.

Fix 6

If you don’t use Spotlight too often and don’t need to easily access it by swiping down from your display you should do the following thing. Open Settings and go to General. Select Spotlight Search menu and “Choose files which require indexing” to mention which files you really need for easy search.

Fix 7

iOS 7 Parallax effect also likes to drain battery life. You can Reduce Motion by going to Settings – General and choosing Accessibility menu.
Fix 8
Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi when you don’t use this wireless connectivity.

Fix 9

There is no need to update emails every other minute. Set your intervals for fetching new data and you will safe some battery life. To do so, go to Settings – Mail, Contracts and Calendar and select the option “Fetch New Data.”

Fix 10

If you have programs that use GPS [Location Services], it is best to turn this feature of because Facebook, Google Maps and similar programs that use this option can take much battery life during the day. Location Services are located under Settings – Privacy. Just “Disable specific apps” and you’ll do fine.